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TAIslim is not available in Australia or New Zealand.

Please note: 4 bottle cases are available in the USA but not available in Canada.  Canadian Youngevity customers please order the 1 bottle products.

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Freelife TAIslim Liquid 4 Bottle Case
TAIslim® Weight Loss Liquid helps the body to reach and maintain a healthy weight using a 4-way acti..
TAIslim Weight Loss Liquid 1 Liter
Give your body the support it needs to reach and maintain a healthy weight with TAIslim® Weight Loss..
TAIslim® Shake - Creamy Vanilla
TAIslim® SHAKE – Creamy Vanilla is a low calorie meal replacement shake that is made with the highes..
TAIslim® SKINNYs™ - Chocolate Decadence - Freelife
TAIslim® SKINNYs are Chewy chocolate-flavored treats that provide great support for weight managemen..
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